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Color Choices

Gutter & Downspout Color Choices

At Gutter Guys of Middle Georgia, we have more than 20 colors to choose from to match the exterior of your home.Please call us at (478) 973-9222 to talk about various finishes, premium metals, and warranty information for each product.
Tuxedo Grey
Buckskin Brown
Paint Grip Metallic
Copper Metallic
Dark Bronze
Colonial Red
Colonial Gray
Heritage Cream
Light Bronze
Dove Gray
Musket Brown
Sherwood Green
Colonial Blue
Classic Cream
Beaver Brown
Raffia Beige
Antique Ivory
Royal Brown
30% White

Selecting The Right Gutter Products

At Gutter Guys of Middle Georgia, behind safety, quality is priority. Quality work is worthless without quality materials. Unlike the days of old where steel gutters were installed with spikes and ferrules, we use all aluminum material as a standard. The gutter is mounted to your facia board by an aluminum hidden hanger that is integrated into the design of the gutter itself. The gutter is constructed with 0.027″ aluminum that comes in a flat stock coil with the color of choice baked on by the manufacturer to ensure uniformity and durability. When our technicians roll-form your custom gutter system, you do not have to worry about the gutters rusting out, like that of steel gutters. The threat of tree limbs and RVs do not go away. But if you’re curious at what you can expect as a service life out of our gutter system? You can expect they will last as long as no external factors damage or destroy them. The maintenance is minimal. Keep them cleaned out and they will continue to work, as they were designed, for you. Quality.

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