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Low Profile Leaf Protection that Protect Your Property and Add Value to Your Home

Gutter Guys of Middle Georgia is an authorized distributor for a select variety of gutter protection guard solutions that we recommend, depending on your roof and gutter system. Over the years, we’ve learned what systems work the best and only feature high quality gutter protection guards. Gutter protection installations can often be completed within a few hours and can be installed on existing or new gutters.

How do Leaf Protectors Work?

Leaf Protectors allow water to enter the gutter, while keeping leaves and debris out. The low profile design can be custom fit to any home and adjusted to any roof pitch. The opening is large enough to handle heavy rains, while shedding leaves off of the cover. Leaf Protectors also keep birds and unwanted pests out of your gutters. Overall, gutter protection guards not only add beauty and value to your property but are a smart investment for any home or business.

Benefits of Leaf Protectors

Our premium leaf protection prevent leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other debris from clogging your gutters and increasing the probability of damaging your siding, paint, and facia board as well. In some instances, birds and rodents will build nests in unprotected gutters and cause damage to your property when they create the clog. Installing Leaf Protectors will also greatly reduce the overall required maintenance; most notably, the maintenance interval. We will evaluate each property to determine our recommendation on which Leaf Protector to use, if we even recommend it at all.

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Video Demonstration

Leaf Protectors have become increasingly popular in the residential and commercial improvement market. Home and business owners alike are able to contend with intrusive leaves of nearby trees and should take a serious look into having them installed. There are multiple reasons to have guards installed. One reason, once leaves or twigs fall into your gutter, the water flow is impeded. Impedance leads to water evacuating the gutter in unintended places. The downspout is the only intended spot for water evacuation of your gutter. Notice we use the word “impedance”, this is because your gutters do not need to be clogged, full, or operating a hydroponic garden to need or benefit from a cleaning. With nearby trees, it only takes a good wind on any given day to render your gutters compromised, we are talking year round. And this is when we recommend installing Leaf Protectors. At the end of the day,  cleaning gutters can be a dangerous task and there are many accidents reported every year due to people taking the initiative to clean their gutters. “A” for effort, but stuff happens, gravity takes over, people get hurt. Contracting that task out is good risk management, but the cleanings are still only a temporary solution. With guards installed, the clogging agents are not able to get in the gutter and therefore, leave the gutter open and able to handle the rain water as it was designed and installed to do. Something else to think about, when you do see a full gutter, understand that it is like its own little ecosystem and there are pests and insects that love to call it home just as much as the seedlings that started their home there. Although the initial cost to install the Leaf Protectors can be pricey, the return on investment of cost savings in cleanings will pay off, some properties faster than others. So, they really can be a good financial investment. Also, if we don’t feel that you would benefit from the Leaf Protectors, we will ensure to communicate that to you. We are not here to have you spend money unnecessarily.